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Food Pairings That Take The Mustard

1st September 2020

Ocado study reveals new wave of food combos to pep up mealtimes 

  • Try chocolate and mustard, and caramel and salmon
  • Online supermarket teams up with expert to share the flavour matches Brits might not know about

Bangers and mash and fish and chips might be known as Britain’s best-loved meal pairings, but their time at the top table could be coming to an end for far more adventurous duos. 

To mark the launch of the full M&S Food range at ocado.com on 1st Sept, Ocado has revealed a new wave of food partnerships including steak and coffee, and chocolate and mustard after research found that over 57% of people are stuck in a meal rut and 49% of Brits are currently struggling for inspiration when it comes to new recipes and meal ideas. 

The online supermarket commissioned leading author and food fanatic Niki Segnit to find new and unexpected foods that pair perfectly with everyday favourites including chicken, Cheddar, tomatoes and pears.  It hopes the results will offer meal inspiration to those feeling fed up with eating the same dishes week-in week-out.  

From September, the full M&S Food range will be available to purchase online for the first time, exclusively via ocado.com.  The enhanced range of more than 50,000 products means Ocado will have the largest and widest choice of any grocer.

According to the study, coffee, anchovy and sauerkraut pair well with steak, while passion fruit and caramel are tasty additions to salmon dishes.  Compatible tastes for chicken include banana, prune and pork as well as rose and eggs.

Says Niki: “Roasting different types of food – such as steak and coffee – creates ‘a strong overlap’ in flavours because the roasting process creates the same type of molecules. 

There are many wonderful matches to be discovered, and you don’t need a PhD in molecular gastronomy to start experimenting. Interesting and unusual flavour matches can be made with common store-cupboard ingredients, like cheese and marmalade, or chocolate and aubergine.”

Another unusual pairing endorsed by the food lover is chocolate and mustard – noting that this pairing works well because the condiment is a ‘flavour enhancer’.

The top food pairings to try follows a study of 2,000 adults commissioned by Ocado which explored the nation’s unusual culinary tastes.

It found more than eight in 10 adults have admitted to having a ‘weird’ food combination they love – including chocolate with crisps, fish fingers and custard, and hot dogs with jam.  Other unusual pairings included Weetabix with butter, salad cream and sausages, and mayonnaise on toast.  Baked beans and rice, milkshake and fries, and banana and bacon also made the top 50 strange pairings enjoyed by Brits.

Other unusual combinations enjoyed by those polled include pasta sandwiches, apple and bacon on toast, and butter and sugar sandwiches.

Lisa McDowell, Head of Brand Marketing at Ocado said: “It is all too easy to default to buying and eating the same foods over and over again – especially when you are feeling busy or up against it.  With the largest range of any grocer – and now the full M&S Food offering too – we hope Niki’s novel pairings will empower cooks to discover the many food and flavour combinations available at ocado.com, and to look at the contents of their fridge and store-cupboard with a fresh pair of eyes.”


  • Bacon and banana
  • Salmon and caramel
  • Cheddar and marmalade
  • Steak and coffee
  • Coffee and orange
  • Cumin and stinky cheese
  • Apricot and lentils
  • Mushroom and blueberry
  • Avocado and sugar
  • Blackcurrant and peanut
  • Goats cheese and cherries
  • Grapefruit and juniper
  • Potato and lemon
  • Chicken and banana
  • Pineapple and prosciutto
  • Apple and hummus
  • Chocolate and mustard
  • Butternut squash and nutmeg
  • Chicken with grapes


Everyday Favourites Perfect Pairings
Cheddar Marmalade, tuna, kimchi, green tea, fruit cake
Halloumi Black onion seed, orange grilled watermelon, tamarind, baked beans, radicchio
Steak Coffee, pear, sauerkraut, wasabi, anchovy
Salmon Passion fruit, samphire, caramel, buckwheat, wild rice, horseradish, red wine
Chicken Banana, endive/chicory, Muscat/sable grapes, rose, egg, pork, prune
Butternut Squash Nutmeg, lime, lobster, apple, gorgonzola, fennel
Tomatoes  Pomegranate, miso, plantain, okra, chocolate
Pears Garlic, sauvignon blanc, pecorino, lychees, elderflower, bay leaf
Spinach Strawberry, vanilla, coconut, sesame, allspice
Chocolate Mustard, black pudding, aubergine, pheasant, cardamom, olive oil

– Ends –

*Research conducted by OnePoll who surveyed 2,000 Britons aged 18-65 from 11th August – 13th August 2020

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