Our mission

We are Ocado, the UK’s only dedicated online supermarket. We were built to deliver first-class service centred entirely around our customers’ changing needs.

Since our launch in 2000, we have been changing the way people shop for groceries. We make shopping liberating: quicker, easier, more convenient, and with more choice.

We don’t just deliver shopping, we brighten our customers’ days. We provide wider choice, save them money and free up their time to spend on the important things in life – not in a supermarket.

Powered by fresh thinking, we seek new and improved ways to deliver exactly what customers order, exactly when they want it, directly to their front door.

Unlike old-fashioned supermarkets, we don’t rely on a long distribution chain and a string of superstores. Instead, each order is carefully packed in one of our climate-controlled customer fulfilment centres, then delivered directly to customers using a network of regional spokes in state-of-the-art refrigerated vans.

The result is a startlingly reliable service where 99% of orders are delivered with no substitutions or missing items, and 95% are delivered on time or early.

An astonishing 9 out of 10 customers would recommend our service to a friend. That’s why, in one of the most unforgiving retail sectors in the world, we continue to outgrow the market. We are built for this – nobody does it better.

We offer our customers a fast, convenient way to get the food they love into their homes.

We pride ourselves on thoughtful service features such as colour-coded bags, digital receipts listing fresh items in their use-by order, reminder texts with your driver’s name and van, along with convenient hourly delivery slots complementing award-winning customer service on email, phone and social media.

We developed the first grocery shopping app – our award-winning iPhone app – in 2010, and we continue to develop our mobile and tablet experience. We have also developed an Amazon Echo Skill which allows customers to add items to an order, search for alternatives, find great deals, and much more, all hands-free.

In 2019 we introduced Ocado Zoom, our on-demand grocery service which delivers groceries to customers in 60 minutes or less, or later the same day.

Our customers enjoy mouthwatering choice. Ocado.com alone offers almost 60,000 products – far more than even a large, out-of-town supermarket – which covers household brands, niche food producers, an award-winning range of own brand products and general merchandise, all price matched with comparable products on tesco.com

Choice also sets our Ocado Zoom service apart from its competitors, with an enormous range of over 10,000 products – far larger than you’d find in corner shops and convenience stores.

From September 2020, UK shoppers will be able to buy high-quality M&S own-label food and beverages alongside our existing range of own-label and third-party branded products, further adding to the incredible choice available to Ocado customers.